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Aluminum Side Arch Gates For Houses
Our history
Vietnam Beta Aluminum was established in 2015, but we have been committed to fencing industry for more than 10 years. Beta Aluminum is a major manufacturer of aluminum fencing, aluminum railing, aluminum gates, pool fences gates for Residential, Commercial and Industrial.
At Beta Aluminum, the customers’satisfaction and experience are most important for us. So we work hard to craft high-quality, easy-to-install, strength safety, long-lasting durability and superior design products, meanwhile we offer the lowest price.
Inspired by a visionary management team with a passion to provide high quality products and excellent service at competitive prices, our products own good reputation on North America, Australia, Asia markets.
Our Mission:
Going beyond customers’ expectations, offering development opportunities for personal, affording responsibility for society
Our Values:
Integrity and Sharing
Accuracy and Pragmatic
Initiative and High-efficiency
Dedication and Innovation
Our Vision:
To be a worldwide leader in FDR (Fencing, Decking, Railing) field
Our Objectives:
Continues to pioneer technology advances, following the step of the developed countries closely, whose FDR area newest products, market and management.
Always provide satisfied products and communication service for customer.
Our factory
Beta Aluminum is located in Hai Phong city, Vietnam. We have a 650 ft. vertical powder coating line and 50 employees that produce 8,000 tons/yr. We have a professional and friendly team in Vietnam factory, no matter the technicians or workers, all of them have mature technology in their own area.
Promote efficiency to realize top-ranking profit level.
Conduct good training, and provide our staff with good growth prospects and treatment.
Our product
Vietnam Beta Aluminum Products includes the following:
1.Residential Aluminum Fence
2.Commercial Aluminum Fence
3.Industrial Aluminum Fence
4.Aluminum Pool Fence
5.Aluminum Railing
6.Aluminum Flat Top Gates
7.Aluminum Arch Top Gates
8.Aluminum Half Arch Top Gates
We supply aluminum profile products all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large multinational organizations to small individual companies.

Product application
Beta Aluminum fencing, railing and gates can be widely used in many applications:
--- Additional Privacy
--- Better Security
--- Containment of Pets and/or Children
--- Installation of a Pool/ Pool Safety
--- Adding a decorative element to the landscape
Production application
We have a full set of equipment, the pre-processing, pre-treatment and powder coating for aluminum fence panel, the yearly output approximates to 2000 tons.
The company brings together the Cutting Machine, Carving Machines, Guillotine Shears, Punches, Drilling Machines.
1 Cutting Machine
2 CNC Carving Machines
2 CNC Guillotine Shears
3 NC Punches
2 Drilling Machines
There’re total 9 work procedures during pre-treatment, except acid degreasing and chromate, we set up 5 steps of pure-water system, it can enhance the cleanliness of the profiles and the power adhesion substantially.
Beta’s 1 power coating line imported from Switzerland, which comes up to an international advanced level the 100 percent imported power meets word-advanced standard. And the quality, we are sure our aluminum products won’t be color fade in 20 years, and won’t be power come off.
We have a well-trained workforce to supply excellent product and prefect services.
Product Market
Our products own good reputation on North America, Australia, Asia markets.
Our service
We will put our expertise to work for you. By listening to your needs, we will help you choose the perfect fence so that you can enjoy your place for years to come. To get a quick idea of how much your fence project will cost, request a hassle-free quote. Alternatively, we also offer some of our key components for your convenience.
Our non-welding fence has also been tried, tested and proven through independent wind load testing and hundreds of happy customers. Buy with the confidence that your fence will last and sustain whatever nature throws at it. You will be sure that you won’t need any maintenance required. Our warranty guarantees that your fence will last a long time.
                                        Aluminum Side Arch Gates For Houses

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