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China One Way Mirror
How to tell if it’s a two way mirror or not?
1.Observe how the mirror is installed.
If it seems to be hanging, try to look behind and see if there’s a wall. If that’s a wall behind the mirror, it's very likely that it's nothing but a regular mirror.
If the mirror appears to be part of the wall itself, there's a good bet it's a two-way mirror, which must be set into the wall instead of hanging onto it. So people on the other side of the wall can observe someone’s behavior behind the mirror.
If you stand on the observed side, you see your reflection but the other side looks like a tinted window.
2.Check out the lighting.
Look around and see if the lighting seems extremely bright. If so, you might be facing a two-way mirror. However, if the light in the room is relatively dim, and you can't see through the mirror immediately, it might just be a regular mirror.
To make a two-way mirror functional, the light of the observed side needs to be 10 times brighter than the light of the other side. If the lighting is any dimmer, the observation area is likely will be exposed. The coated side of the it should point towards the bright room.
3.Consider where you are.
The use of two-way mirrors is closely related to issues of personal privacy and constitutional rights. So it’s legally limited to be used in certain places.
SGT one way mirror can achieve an incredible result, however is solely based on the light contrast between the two sides of the mirror because a mirror that is transparent only from one side is not possible for physical reasons.
The coating of our two way mirror is based on a chrome coating with only a small transmittance. It is corrosion resistant, highly resistant to water, acids, and other environmental influences.
Optical Parameters
Glass ThicknessLight Transmittance 2Light Reflectance2U Value 3(English)K Value 3(Metric)Shading Coefficient 4Solar Accumulation Coefficient 5
One way mirror
(Two way mirror)ThicknessUltraviolet light%Visible
Light %Solar
Light %Solar
NighttimeSummer DaytimeWinter
NighttimeSummer Daytime
Glass Surface12mm271693301.
Glass Backside12mm29316761.
Size: 2440mm*3660mm
Thickness: 2mm-12mm
Further Processing: Edge grinding, grilling, hot bending, tempering, laminating, insulating.
●Market research
●Reality television
●Security observation decks in public areas
●Train driver or conductor compartments
●Execution chambers
●Experimental psychology research
●Interrogation rooms
1: How to get a quotation?
A: Please provide the specific details, such as size, color, thickness, quantity, and other processing requirements etc.
2: Can you do the production as customized?
A: Yes, we have a professional technique team to produce the glass according to your requirements.
3: What your glass package? Are they safe?
A: Plywood crates for cutting sizes, A-frame or End cap crates for standard size.
Loading by experienced workers, related pictures will be sent for your reference.
4: What is your payment term?
A: Our general payment term is T/T 50% in advance, 50% after B/L copy.
But other terms can be negotiated.
5: What is your minimum order quantity?
A: MOQ is one full 20ft container.
Products of different sizes and specifications could be mixed in one container.
6: How can I get samples to check the quantity?
A: Free small size samples available. But if you have special requirements for big size samples, there will be a cost of production.China One Way Mirror

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