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China Pipe End Cutting And Forming Saw Machine manufacturers
Our History
Our Factory
Foshan tianmeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, National Guangdong-HongKong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Our Factory is Mainly engaged in the Technology development, production, sales and service of stainless steel and copper pipe/tube automation and intelligent equipment.
Since its establishment, the company has always been sticking to innovation and technological reform. Tianmeng is a team with more than ten years of rich technical experience. The team members have experienced many major project development and helped many famous brands design automation equipment.
In the future, tianmeng people will develop more advanced and high quality products to serve customers with quality first and continuous improvement.
Our Product
Now the factory focuses on the development, production and sales of professional stainless steel exchanger automation equipment, which the main products are: CNC laser pipe cutting machine锛孋NC coil pipe cutting/end forming/bending machine, CNC pipe bending machine, CNC hydraulic pipe bending machine, CNC coil straightening saw blade / chipless cutting machine, multi station pipe end forming machine, capillary cutting and expanding machine, CNC punching machine More than 100 kinds of equipment, such as automatic small U pipe bending machine, threaded pipe automation equipment, finned heat exchanger production line, etc.
Product Application
HVAC/Furniture and building materials/Bicycle industry/Motorcycle industry/Car industry
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
CNC machine tool/CNC Grinding machine/CNC milling machine/cutting machine/welding machine
Production Market
Customers use our equipment to produce products for many famous brands, such as Gree, Midea, Hitachi, York, Daikin, Sanyo, China Southern Power Grid, TCL, Haier, etc
Our Service
Our factory employs more than 10 after-sales service team members.They are allocated to special departments in order to quickly and thoroughly solve all any issues that you may encounter with our automated equipment. Our customer service center also maintains documents of each issue to keep track of all service requests. The after-sales service is staffed by electromechanical engineers that are qualified to finish installation, debugging and commissioning digital equipment. They are also qualified to train a guide operators and administrators, providing free technical advice.
鈼?After-sales Services
Installation, debugging, commissioning and acceptance inspection: We provide the purchaser with installation assistance and debugging of the production equipment.After installation and commissioning of each device, a special department will call the client for feedback.China Pipe End Cutting And Forming Saw Machine manufacturers

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