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Wide Temperature Test Press manufacturers

Our History
Jiangsu Dipu Industrial Co. Ltd., is more than 15 years old now, As the Brand of “Dipuer” came into being, she is well-known consultancy firm in basic woodworking machinery, she presents full solution of high grade melamine impregnation line, full automatic short cycle laminating press, high pressure laminating press from A to Z, filled all equipment in operating plant. With these experience and rich know-how in wooden industry, we step into manufacturing in the year of 2008. In the past 10years, we have supplied more than 60line of melamine impregnation, over 80line of short cycle laminating press, 15lines of hpl in the market out of china, high reputation gained from Middle East, North Africa, South America and pan-Russia area.
We, “Dipuer Brand”, in front of the tide, leading the trend of new material production, especially in R D of micro-stroke auto stuff production line and carbon fiber laminating composites, we are ready for creation of innovation era!
Our Factory
Jiangsu Dipu Industrial Co., Ltd., is a subsidiary of DIPU group specializing in manufacturing man-made board processing equipment on design, development, production and sales. Dipu carry out strict quality standards, provide full project solution for customer.
Dipu is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 10000 square meters, with more than 15years experience in man-made processing equipment and 60 employees, including experienced engineers in mechanical, electrical, hydraulic departments, professional operators, senior engineers reach 35%. There are dozens of high-precision CNC machining center, CNC milling machine and advanced Detecting facility.
Our main products include Impregnation line, short cycle laminating press, High pressure laminating press, CCL production line.
Our Products
● Impregnation Line
①  one-step impregnation line
For phenolic paper in hpl core, structure isolation and molding panel surface treatment;
②  two-step impregnation line
For melamine paper in furniture board production, flooring, and hpl surface treatment;

● Short Cycle Lamination Press
①  Furniture Board Laminating Press
②  Synchronal Embossment Laminating Press
③  Door Skin Laminating Press
④  Flooring Lamination Press
⑤  Multi-daylight high efficient melamine faced plywood

● High Pressure Laminating Press(HPL)
①  One side infeed/out-feed HPL Press
For formica hpl sheet and compact hpl
②  Rear out-feed reversal handling HPL Press

● CCL Production Line for FR1, FR4, CEM2, CEM3 pre-preg lamination by copper foil

Product Application
Impregnation line is suitable for MDF/HDF/Particle Board/Hardboard surface decorative processing industry, for impregnating and drying surface paper, balance paper, wear-resistant paper; furniture décor paper, HPL surface core paper laminating, with melamine resin or its modified glue or urea resin.

Short Cycle Laminating Press is mainly used for laminating melamine impregnated décor paper/ wear-resistant paper/ balance paper onto various wood panels (fiberboard, particle board as well as other man-made boards) such as flooring, furniture board, compartment, wood door etc.

High Pressure Laminating Press (HPL Press) is mainly used to produce HPL laminates, formica hpl sheets, compact hpl finishing, which are widely applied in in kitchen cabinets, office furniture, industrial decoration, exhibition material, train, interior decoration of ship etc.

Our Certificate
Production Equipment
●Radial drilling machine
●gantry type milling machine
●flame cutting machine
●CNC machine center
●Sand-blasting room
●Spraying room
Our Customers
Our service
Our Service philosophy:
Serve the client’s service
“Customer, the first”, to meet their needs in deed, is our continuous destination in service. Dipu has best-trained service crew, providing well-established network service for customers. Customer have multi options  according to their needs, solution of troubleshooting, on-line monitoring and control, on-site maintenance, our special policy improves operation rate, maximizing the production runs.

Our service includes:
Equipment installation and Commissioning:
Guiding installation on site, assure installation accuracy; After commissioning, run the equipment with material to reach production capability, achieve stable operation rate; maximize the production ability by optimized adjustment.

Consulting and Technical Support:
By Calling E-mail or any other method, quickly response and diagnose the troubleshooting and problems; on-site maintenance; training service.
Remote control Support:
By connecting to the HMI and PLC control system (option) on site, achieve assisting customer to deal with the emergency on site, help customer to check and optimize program.
Technology Upgrading:
According to customized needs or equipment updating needs, by new technology, new product, new equipment and system optimizing, upgrade the existing equipment(such as improve working speed, increase production capability)
Spare Parts:
Dipu provide full spare parts and wearing parts, can quickly send out them to customer in time and guarantee the quality.                        Wide Temperature Test Press manufacturers

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